Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Hopeful Sister - USA

Not too long ago, my marriage of of several years crumbled to pieces.  While my heart knew divorce was the answer, it also knew that I didn't want to spend the rest of my life alone.  With everyone telling me that no one would ever marry a divorced Muslim woman (especially one with a child), divorce seemed like a bleak option.  They also told me that in the off chance I did get married, my new husband would be awful to my son.  And finally, as a full-time mother and new entrepreneur just beginning her career with minimal and inconsistent income, they said there was no way I could financially support myself or my child without my husband.  It seemed like a lose-lose situation, each choice with dire consequences.  After a year and a half of praying to Allah (swt) to guide me to the best decision for my son, myself, and his father in this life and the next, I finally decided to move on with a divorce.  Soon after, I met and began communicating with a brother through a Muslim matrimonial website.  He turned out to be an amazing person, an amazing father, and best of all, an amazing Muslim--all in one!  Shortly after that, I was hired for a full-time dream job perfectly aligning with my career goals and doing what I absolutely love.  I recently had my katb kitab (Islamic marriage contract) with the brother I met online, and we are, insha'Allah, planning to move in with each other sometime next year.  I know he will make me happy, keep me on track with my deen, and help me raise a healthy Muslim family in His service insha'Allah.  While my life is still far from perfect and still has its ups and downs, I am, for the first time in my life, hopeful of what the future holds.  Whenever things seem like they can't get any worse, I remind myself to put my trust in Allah (swt), to remember the following Quranic verses/hadith, and to say ALHAMDULILLAH!

"Indeed, with every hardship will come ease." (Qur’an 94:5)

"Allah does not place on any soul a burden greater than it can bear." (Qur'an 2:286)

"Whenever a believer is afflicted with a hardship, sickness, sadness, worry, harm, or depression, even the prick of a thorn, Allah expiates his sins because of it, as a tree sheds its leaves." (Sahih Bukhari)


I - My House

My best friend and I are so close, that I always seem to pick out her AHL moments posts even though she never uses her real name. AHL.

Kashifa binte Karim - Florida, USA

The other day I was watching a documentary on TLC called Islamophobia, which featured the two groups called English Defiance League (EDL) from England and Act for America in the USA. It was a behind the scenes look at how these groups hate Islam and spread hatred for all Muslims. While watching this I thanked Allah (swt) for giving me hedayat (guidance), making me Muslim, giving me a loving Islamic husband and family, and not making us like these astray people. AHL.

Eliza - USA

I just had an exam and a presentation today. I was nervous about it for about a week. Alhamdulillah that it is finished. Insha Allah I hope the results will be good. Alhamdullilah that God has given me this great opportunity to study. Alhamdulilaah for everything. AHL.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rashelle - USA

This morning, I lost my wallet on a bus. It contained all of my cards, money, etc. I got off the bus, realized it was gone, ran to the bus's next bus stop, got back on, and realized someone had taken my wallet already. I prayed super hard and within a few minutes I received an email letting me know that it had been found in one of the nearby buildings with all of my belongings still inside. AHL! <3

Khadija - Canada

Aisha Khan was found safe and sound. AHL!

Afghan Girl - California, USA

Today, I realized that ever since I have started visiting this website, I have become much more aware of all the blessings in my life that I use to take for granted and now I just can't give thanks to Allah (SWT) enough. AHL

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Muslimah - Keele, UK

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was participating in an athan competition where all the young teenagers who participated were lining up in a queue to get their chance to be in front of the microphone. When the first, or was it the second participator (I honestly can't remember) recited the athan, I woke up suddenly. I was worried that I had missed the Fajr prayer. but when I checked the time, and it was around 10 to 15 mins until Shuruq. I guess that dream had a meaning. Maybe it was waking me up so that I would not miss the Fajr prayer that day. AHL.

Grateful Muslimah - Earth

On Thursday, I found out that I was accepted to dental school!! AHL.

Ama - Phoenix, Arizona

Two days ago I had a painful medical procedure and the doctor made a mistake which has caused much pain since. I can't even walk on my own yet and I've cried more than I've not. But sometimes you pray for the wrong thing. I've been praying for pain relief as a sign of mercy when the sign of mercy I've needed all along was in the amazing friends and fiance who've kept me occupied in conversation the whole time so I'd know I wasn't going through this test all alone. AHL for the people placed in my life. AHL for the life events that bring us closer together. And AHL for placing enough love in my heart that I can properly care for these wonderful people. I love all of you. So, SO much. AHL.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tahmina - Toronto, Ontario, Candana

I used to cry and pray to Allah swt to be married, and I used to make MANY duas about what type of husband and married life I wanted. Now I realize that Allah has accepted every little dua I made and what I used to think was impossible, Allah made POSSIBLE! So I am amazed... AHL!

Amie - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Today, Imam Suhaib Webb became the new Imam of ISBCC, the Cultural Center I go to in Boston, so we went there for dhuhr (part one of his 3-day inauguration). After the prayer, a new brother took his Shahada. It was my first time seeing someone take their Shahada in real life. It was amazing. AHL.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Issa - Brooklyn, NY, USA

Every day I say AHL that I have Br. Peter as a Social Studies teacher at Al Noor School. The best Social Studies teacher a kid can have... AHL.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sharmin - USA

Today I had two exams which I had been nervous about for the entire week. Since the information was cumulative, I had to pull an all-nighter two nights before in order to study. The next day, I ended up sleeping really early, ending up not studying as much as I wanted (since the test was the next day). When I randomly woke around 1:00 a.m., I decided that since I was up, might as well pray Tahajjud right? I prayed to Allah to make things easier and help me to get through the week. It turned out that both my exams weren't as bad as I thought they would be and I ended up finishing early. Now there's one more test to go and insha'Allah it won't be so bad either! :) AHL

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Muslimah - Florida, USA

Its been only one week at my seasonal job. Still praying to Allah that it turns to a permanent position. Although that hasn't happened yet, after only a week I was told they like my work and they offered to have me take on an additional task for more money. Getting closer to saving up for Hajj... AHL.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anela Zlatic - Canada

Today, during my exam, someone asked a question out loud and I was very confused for five seconds until I realized he and the professor were speaking in French. It was such a small thing but it really made me appreciate how blessed I am to be able to get an education and to study, and under amazing teachers to boot. AHL.

A(J) Big Sister - Chicago, IL

Yesterday, I was supposed to help set up and attend an event, and perform as well. I was unable to go and I hate canceling something I committed to doing so I was trying to find someone to fill in last minute. Alhamdulilah my little sister filled in for me and my other friend helped out with the event. AHL.

Optimistic - Chicago

Tomorrow/tonight at midnight the results of something I've wanted for so long and worked so hard for, will be revealed. I've been feeling anxious all day. No matter what the results indicate, whether in my favor or not, I know that insha'Allah it will all happen for the best. Alhamdulillah for whatever happens tonight. Alhamdulillah for everything. AHL.

Yasmeen - UK

So I'm 18 from the UK and I really wanted to get into this university which is like top 10 in the country. I even took a year out to try and get the grades needed for it, but even though my predicted grades were higher than the ones they needed I was STILL rejected due to a high volume of applicants.

I was SHOCKED & distraught.

I did however get into my second option. Not so 'prestigious' but a decent school non the less.

Well I soon discovered from friends that the university that rejected me was not very supportive of students and muslims there were a minority and some found the members of the school not very tolerant of muslims.

Meanwhile, at the school I've started it couldn't be more welcoming and supportive. I've even found a group of muslimahs who I can go and pray with in our prayer room. They're doing SO MUCH for us. They even had a meeting about getting halal food. AHL AHL AHL. Allah truly is the best of planners, He will truly give you something better to replace that which He took away. AHL :)

Reyhana - Germany

Last Thursday, our American Thanksgiving day, I celebrated my 11th year of being muslim, AHL!

Thankful Muslimah - Chicago, IL

This morning, I was able to wake up alive and mention Allah's name without hesitation! AHL!!!!

Mr. Snuggles - Houston, Texas

That moment when I realized she will always be there for me. Alhamdulillah Allah (swt) has blessed me with such a wonderful friend. A friend that I could trust with anything. Her heart is as pure as an angel's. Her smile is as breathtaking as the sunset. AHL

Muslimahdanoun - Shreveport, LA

This past week I got the strength to start wearing Hijab properly (abaya, etc)! May Allah SWT keep me and all the Muslims on the straight path to Jannah InshaAllah, Ameen! AHL

Jazz - Lone Star State

Alhamdulillah, I thought I failed my politics exam, and woot woot! subhanallah, I got a B! Can you say alhamudulillah enough? :) AHL

A Sister - Earth

AHL for not being able to decide which AHL moments of my life to be submitted because there are too many..... AHL

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sister R - Texas

For a while now I had been looking for a job and most of the time, the managers were guys and looked at me weirdly when I refused to shake their hand, plus my hijab got me weird looks. Not gonna lie, I was getting upset and a little down. The other day, however, Allah blessed me with an opportunity where the manager was Iranian and not once did he try to shake my hand. Plus, I got the job. Lesson learned: Always rely on Allah, patience is the key. AHL.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lisa - Malaysia

That indescribable feeling after getting up from sujood. Peace and tranquility. AHL! :D

Madar - India

Just now had a cup of tea - a thought entered my mind, alhamdulliah . Many of our fellow brothers and sisters (in faith & humanity) are being tested for a sip of water, and most of us take such things for granted without even realising the blessing behind it. AHL for a cup of tea served with love.

S - Michigan

Today I could not study Biology until I have studied the Quran first. AHL.

Wonnie - Seoul, Korea

Alhamdulilah I'm Korean. AHL.

Muslimah - Kuala Lumpur

A few seconds ago, adzan for Maghrib prayer for my area. Welcome 1st Muharram 1433 Hijrah and good bye 1432 Hijrah. I am glad and thankful that I am still here. AHL!

AnonymousMuslima - Ottawa, Canada

A few weeks ago I had finished class in the evening and realized I had to pray the maghrib soon because ishaa was approaching. I looked at the time and thought I would have time to pray it at home but on the bus ride home, I realized I wasn't going to make it on time, and started feeling really guilty for not having prayed it at school. So I got off halfway home at a stop that had a wal-mart so I could pray in the change room. When I got there I realized I didn't even know what the direction was and I didn't have a compass. I momentarily felt discouraged but I randomly grabbed some clothing and headed to the change room anyway. To my good fortune I found a lady working there wearing a hijab and she knew the exact direction! Despite it being a little last minute, I finished my prayer feeling overjoyed. Subhan Allah, even when you feel lost or incapable, sometimes you just have to go halfway and Allah will guide you the rest of the way. AHL

Tota - Canada

So I woke up with a really bad throat, and I'm going on holiday in two days, but I'm happy because I can pay off one of my sins now rather than on judgement day! AHL!

Elm - Texas, USA

Today my dad went to buy a car for me because my car was totalled a few months ago. I didn't want to buy a car with interest so I was praying to Allah (swt) to give me the opportunity to buy the car without any type of interest. My dad went to the local dealer and I knew there is no way he can get a car without interest included in the monthly payment. But there was some type of deal going on and he got me a 2009 Toyota without any interest. AHL.

Sara - Malaysia

That feeling when a boss of different faith ask you about Islam. AHL.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


Today, I realized I have a family that loves me, a roof on top of my head, and Islam. That's all that matters. AHL.

LovinThisDeen - USA

Yesterday night (well technically early this morning) I knew that I would be going to bed really late. Since I was fearful that I would not have the strength to wake up to pray Fajr, I made dua to Allah to help me get up in the morning to pray. Now here I am, typing this AHL moment out, after I prayed Fajr prayer! AHL.

Khadija - Canada

Around Ramadan time, my grandmother explained that the reason we say "Alhamdullilah" after sneezing is because our noses have been relieved of irritation. Allahu alim (God knows best). For my beautiful grandmother and simple things like sneezing, AHL!

A Daughter

She hates cooking, but she cooks for us everyday, so we can enjoy a nice warm meal. I'm blessed to have such an awesome mother. AHL.

Tender Heart - USA

Over a few years ago, my family's financial stability down spiraled. My father hasn't been taking it too well. He became depressed, and it's like he has become another person. Although he is present, he is absent. I miss him. This affected my younger siblings and everyone's relationship with one another. But my mother has been the rock of this family. No matter what, she taught us to stick together, be strong, and to always have faith in Allah. She is my best friend, my rock. May Allah reward her, bless her, and keep her strong. I am so blessed to have a wonderful mother like her. May Allah ease this difficult test on my family. May Allah give us patience. AHL.  


When I sit on the bus or I'm in class and I realise I'm the only hijabi, I thank Allah that He made me Muslim and guided me to the straight path. AHL.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

J - Palestine USA

Two weeks ago, I sent an email to my advisor at my university about a scheduling problem that I needed to get resolved. My schedule for next semester wasnt going to work out...Oh no! But today, I recieved an email back and everything worked out. AHL!

Realizing the Greater Plan - Texas, USA

Today I realized that there is no better planning that that of Allah's swt! When so many unconnected events occur that make way for something great to happen, that's not coincidence. That's Allah swt making His great planning evident! AHL.

Blessed - Seattle, Washington, USA

Alhamdulillah for Allah's constant guidance. In every struggle there is a blessing. AHL.

Henna - India

Two nights ago I had to catch up on my office work, as I had delayed to get it done till the last minute. I went home thinking I will get it done by night since I had no cooking to do for the day. But after I reached home I came to know that my husband had a potluck lunch in his office the next day for which I had to decide and cook something interesting. And to top that, I also was informed that a realtor will be showing our house (which is up for sale) the very same day which involved getting the house cleaned. But Alhamdulillah I was able to get this all done over night and before the open house time too! AHL.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tota - UK

I thought I was going to miss the bus home today because sometimes it goes past me just as I'm walking down the road to the bus stop and I have to wait like 25 minutes for the next one, which in the cold, isnt nice! So anyway, I heard what sounded like the bus coming up behind me when I was literally 20 seconds away from the bus stop, thought it was the bus and looked around. It was only a small truck! And the bus came like 4 minutes later lol :D AHL

Ayah - New York, USA

Today I was on the subway sitting next to a lady. The subway then suddenly came to a stop and I naturally leaned to the right for a few seconds and my arm slightly touched the lady sitting to my right. She looked at me and very rudely told me to get my arm off of her. Even though I didn't appreciate the attitude she was giving me, and even though I could have easily started an argument with this lady, I responded with a sincere apology because I didn't find the need to be rude, but more importantly, because I wanted the people around us on the train to realize how polite Muslims are, and that Islam teaches Muslims to behave with the best of manners even when they are mistreated or disrespected. AHL.

Khayria - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Today, I was inspired... by charity water alhamdulillah. The act of charity is one of the most beautiful things that can be accomplished on this earth. AHL.

Noor - Malaysia

I read every moment posted here. Some of the moments bring tears to my eyes. I realized and learned that a total reliance to Allah is the best thing to do in good and bad moments. Praise be to Allah totally. AHL.

Khadija - Canada

On the very first day of my sophomore year of high school, I was freaking out about being the only hijabi in the entire building. Just as I was asking God to help me, I looked up and saw another girl in a headscarf. We're really close friends now, AHL!

Mumtaz - Malaysia

Last year, I met someone and he later on became my boyfriend. At that time, I did wear hijab and I did pray but I ignored the fact that having a boyfriend is haram because I did not understand Islam deeply. This year, Allah opened both my heart and his heart to learn and accept Islam as it is and we got worried about how sinful it is to be close to someone who is not halal to you. We decided to get married but at the same time I knew my parents will not let me because we are only 21, we are still studying and I am the youngest of six siblings and the only person who is married is my eldest brother. Moreover, my mum always nags about why people want to get married early. She thinks that you need to have a car, a house and lots of money first before getting married. However, we both make endless Duas after every single prayer, Istiqarahs and tried to prove to our parents that we are responsible enough. Two days back while waiting for our car to be ready at a car wash, I was joking with my mum saying I want my wedding to be like this, this, this and she said "Ok, when are you getting married and what colour is the theme?". Later on, she told my dad and he just said ok! MashaAllah! It was that easy! I am getting married in 9months! Believe me, if you are sincere for the sake of Allah, He will help you. AHL

MSA Volunteer - Canada

Last week, the MSA at our university hosted Islam Awareness Week. The last event of the week was a lecture geared at non-Muslim students followed by a question and answer session with the sheikh. Someone submitted a question asking "How can one convert to Islam?" May Allah (swt) give them the courage to follow through with this step! Ameen! AHL.

S - Dearborn, Michigan, USA

On Eid I made a sad shy kid smile. AHL.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sarah K - Michigan

Today I woke up....AHL♥

Addibah - Malaysia

Yesterday I decided to read Al Quran to a sister and asked her to check my Tajweed. All this while I thought my readings was ok, not perfect but ok. Little that I realized, the last time I learned Tajweed was when I was 8, 14 years ago. MashaAllah, how ignorant have I been? Now, I'm starting Tajweed again, from basic. InshaAllah, I will master it by the end of this year. AHL.

Ninja - New York, USA

My father has been pressuring me to take my niqab off so I could get a job. I kept thinking about the idea, but could no go through with it. I got a job last week and did NOT have to take it off.

"And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him” (65:2)


Naomi Mu&apos;minah - England, UK

About two years ago a close friend of mine showed me the beautiful Adhan. Upon hearing this, I choked up and started crying uncontrollably. I felt as though I had known this call to prayer all my life and it touched my heart so much so that a part that had always been missing had been filled. From that moment on I knew that Islam was the truth and I studied Islam for around a year and a half, most nights staying up until 5 in the morning because I got so addicted to seeking knowledge. SubhanAllah I would read and read until my eyes were sore, but I had to hide this from my family as they were against Islam because of the huge thing about the media and Muslims being 'terrorists.' I couldn't keep it in anymore and I had to tell my mum that I was looking into islam and I feel like it's right for me. I did this around Christmas time last year, and slowly I started making steps towards taking my shahadah. My mum told me I wasn't allowed to do anything until I was 18, but I would wear hijab when I went out and take it off behind my house before I came home. When I turned 18 I showed my mum I'm wearing hijab and I was still cautious about taking my shahadah because I didn't know if I was ready but Allahu akbar, I had a dream in which I said the shahadah to myself in arabic (even though at the time I didn't know the shahadah in Arabic to say but I recognised it). SubhanAllah I knew from then I needed to take my shahadah. About a month later I went to a beautiful masjid in London and took my shahadah. It was the best day of my life. The room was full of sisters crying and hugging me. I couldn't hold back the tears. That day my love for Allah subhana wa ta'ala grew so big. I was totally in love, and I still am. I took my shahdah the Friday before Ramadan this year. Last week I was allowed to enter my home wearing hijab for the first time and I got to go to my grandparents house wearing it infront of all my family. I was so happy I cried again! Alhamdulillah I'm so blessed. Insha'Allah my family come to the deen. Please if you read this make dua for me and my family, insha'Allah. AHL.

Zaafirah - UK

My eating disorder totally ruined my last week. Then one day I was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement to read my Asr Salah. That very evening I ate my first proper meal in over a week! AHL.

Anonymous - New York, USA

Yesterday, my mother tried to guilt-trip me into going to an "event" full of free-mixing, dancing, and music, by saying that she would be really alone and that I was being a bad daughter. SubhanAllah I felt really bad, but I still insisted on staying home, and fought the urge to give into the commands of the creation by disobeying the One and Only Creator. AHL.

Nuha - Slovakia

Today, my roommate cooked something with bacon. It's my first time living in a non-muslim house and I couldn't really stand the smell. While trying to take some fresh air all I could think is Alhamdulillah for the blessing of Islam, for making us so concerned about what we introduce in our bodies.

Sister from Scotland - Scotland

The moment when you log in to Facebook and make your way to Dawah Addict's page only to find the first post you read to be "WE DID IT! ALHAMDULILLAH! $7000 with 27 days to spare!" Simple Sadaqa. AHL!

A Muslim - Illinois, USA

I was really depressed and hopeless. I know it's a great sin. May Allah forgive me. I asked Allah to help me, I prayed, I read the Quran. I feel better now all because of Allah, AHL!

100% Muslim


Monday, November 21, 2011

Muslimah - Florida, USA

I have been struggling to find a job where wearing a hijab is not a problem. Finally Alhamdulillah, Allah rewarded me with a seasonal job with a company for 1 month. I am praying it will turn into permanant position so I can save up to go to Hajj with my husband. ---- AHL

Anonymous - Texas, USA

That moment 1 year ago when I first read surah Al Fatiha. Tears came streaming down my eyes and all my reservations about Islam went away, because at that moment I knew Islam was the truth and that Allah was with me. AHL!

Nida - Charlotte, NC, USA

A week ago I attended an Eid party. Instead of enjoying the party, I had to help out the aunty with all the preparations all night long (too polite to say no). I met someone who gave me a contact number for a lawyer who was interviewing for internships, but I was skeptical and went home upset that I wasted my night of valuable study time. I ended up getting in touch with the lawyer. Turns out she is awesome, and today, I got the amazing internship! I guess my night was not a waste after all... AHL!!! =D

Muslim Girl - USA

So I was on this site debating on whether I should post a moment or not, but then suddenly I got this urge to go watch the "National Unfriend Day" video from Jimmy Kimmel's show. I thought it was hilarious and I wanted to post on it on my facebook, however each time I tried..the link to youtube's main page got posted instead. I tried 4 times! I guess Allah was saving me from posting a video that may offend someone. And now i'm back here, posting a moment. Truly Allah is great! AHL.

Mrs H - New York

I woke up in the middle of the night to my husband's face next to mine. I smiled because I knew at that moment exactly what the love is that Allah places in the heart of spouses, and what it means for a person to be the coolness of your eyes. AHL.

I love you too - Canada

A few months back, I avoided him because he was involved with things I'd rather refrain from, even though I knew his friends, or I, could help him. Yesterday I saw him going to a Masjid. I'm not quitting, any more.

He was a Christian involved with drugs.

Now he's being guided. AHL!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kayak - Clear Lake, Texas, USA

Angels don't even compare to her. AHL!

Khadijah - Canada

Today, I un-followed my friend on Tumblr because she was posting rude things about Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). I would never want to do anything to disrespect him. God gave us a sublime example to follow in Prophet Jesus (pbuh). AHL!

Khadijah - Canada

Today, my friend, who is an atheist, liked my profile picture on Facebook. It's a picture Dawah Addict made to promote his "Thanksgiving & Islam: Who Are We Thanking?" video on YouTube. May this step cause her to actually ask herself that question. AHL!

Ismail - Casablanca, Morocco

During last summer, I was seriously planning to change my university. I was planning to go to Malaysia to begin undergrade studies in Quran and Sunna Studies after having spent one year in Morocco as undergrade student in Engineering.

I prepared almost everything; payed the prelimilary fees, filled the required form, got my high school transcripts ... ect

Unfortunatly, my parents were reticent to the idea of me travelling so far for so long (at least four years). It was also for them too risky to radically change my way of life overnight. I was compelled somehow to forget about this project.

Two weeks ago, I read on my university website that the current administration signed a partnership with the Malaysian University I was planning to go to. I can now carry on my studies here in Morocco and do a one semester exchange program to Malaysia. AHL.

Top of the World

Alhamdulillah I landed a job when my parents were being evicted from their home. We are caught up in all our bills, including putting 3 kids through college and hospital bills. AHL.

S - New York, USA

Today, I was a little upset because I've been broke for a while. I needed money for a few things I have to buy this week but I didn't want to borrow money from anyone. I was doing some cleaning and found some extra cash in one of my drawers. Now I have what I needed and some extra to save for later. AHL.

Sajah - Australia

The amazing moment when I catch up with a beloved muslim sister on skype. ALH!

Sofia - Bonn, Germany

Today, I'm remembering how distant I had became to Islam. But, alhamdulillah since watching Dawah Addict's videos and Nouman Ali Khan lectures, I've been practicing this deen and loving it more and more! AHL.

OfToJannah - LA

I have the most wonderful people in my life. They love me, adore me, advise me, take care of me, and make me feel good about myself. AHL.

Noor - New York, NY, USA

Today I was planning on taking a train from Penn Station but got caught up and missed it; while waiting at the platform for the next train I saw a man standing close to the edge of the platform above the tracks falling asleep and tripping over his own feet. Afraid of what might have happened had he slipped from falling further into sleep, I woke him gently, took his arm and asked if he would step back a few feet because he was far too close to the edge of the tracks of an approaching train. Even if nothing would have happened, alhamdulillah for just being there. AHL.

Mrs H - New York, USA

I have to study for finals and my husband has taken over all of the housework so that I can study, even though he works full time and is studying for a certification exam himself. May Allah bless him with everything good in this world and the akhira, Ameen :) AHL.

Sharmin - USA

Today my roommate was planning to take me to a Persian restaurant but it later hit me that I forgot to ask her if the food was halal. A few minutes after she checked in to see if I was ready, she told me that she had already asked the restaurant about it and they said all the food was halal. Not only do I have a wonderful roommate but also was able to eat yummy halal kabob! :) AHL.

Sarah - Orange County, NY, USA

I was running late for work yesterday morning and was at one point driving at 100mph on a long highway stretch to help make up time. I noticed a black SUV approaching behind me from the corner of my eye but didn't think much of it, having a false sense of security with my trusted radar detector. When I eventually looked up in my rearview mirror, the black SUV turned out to be none other than a state trooper! I quickly moved over to the right lane, certain I was about to be pulled over for a costly ticket, if not to get arrested. The trooper drove right past me! AHL!

Arwa - Pakistan

Today I memorized ten new Surahs. AHL!

Hedaya Mahdy - San Carlos, California, USA/Cairo, Egypt

Today I want to share here about a hard time I had in the city last week. No one helped me with a simple direction to get me to the train station to go home. Why? Because I was dressed in my hijab and abaya, and in the end I say alhamdulillah, because Allah made me see how much beauty is in Islam. I never gave up my hope that someone would help me. Allah sent me a 14 year old angel to help me. AHL.

Nazreen - India

Last semester in Uni, I was getting into totally wrong company. My friends weren't exactly what I'd now call friends. If I'd gone at that rate, I would have slowly cut myself off from Allah. But, merciful that He is, He opened my eyes just in time. Now, last semester seems like another world. And guess what, I have now made some pretty awesome friends who actually help me in my deen! AHL!

Taqwa Allah - Long Island, NY, USA

I was coming back from school late one day because I was helping my Quran teacher (who is really awesome) with things around my school. So I get out of the train station and I usually transfer on a bus or walk home but my feet were so sore and aching from all that work and when I saw the bus out there I was like AHL!!!! And now every time I get out of the station seeing the bus there and not having to wait I say AHL even if it's not there lol. AHL.

ILoveThisDeen - USA

Yesterday my Dad surprised me by saying that he was going to cook halal turkey when I get home. Very excited :) AHL for a wonderful Dad and halal turkey. AHL!

Suzanne - Egypt

Today I was outside the whole day and I felt so thirsty and unfortunately there were no supermarkets nearby to buy a bottle of water. When I got back home I opened the fridge and drank cold refreshing clean water. AHL

Rahma - UK

Parents came from hajj and my mum isn't praying with the chair, her health is coming back!!! AHL

Norm - Malaysia

I just bookmarked AHL Moments site and submit my moment here. AHL.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Muslim Lara - Germany

The moment when my mother is telling me that she wants to become a muslim! AHL!

Maram - Dubai/Cairo

When someone starts talking about the Prophet (PBUH) I constantly keep saying (allaihu al salat wa al salam). After a while I find myself thinking of nothing but the Prophet and how I wish to see him inshAllah if Allah will give me the honour. AHL for being Muslim. AHL for having such a great role model (the Prophet). AHL.

Amina - London, UK

When I was younger, I rebelled against Islam because I thought it wasn't right for me. But, recently, I found my love for Islam again and I'm so proud to be a Muslim. AHL!

Ohio, USA

A month ago, I was working in a place where members of the opposite sex were constantly wanting to shake my hand. A week ago, I got an interview and landed a job where 99.99% of my co-workers are women. AHL!


Two days ago I had a halal chicken fajita! AHL!

Aisha - Denmark

The love and joy that fills the house when my father sits with a Quran on his hands and my entire family listens to his reciting the Quran. AHL

Aisha - Denmark

Yesterday, early in the morning I left for work and got home late so I didn't see my mother at all. Today when I woke up she already left with my siblings to take them to masjid but before she left my mother already made breakfast and tea ready for me to consume and called to make sure I ate. Even though my mother has a lot to do during a day she never forgets each and everyone of us children. AHL


Since day one, I'm really thankful for this site. AHL.

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Muslim - The West

Allah (SWT) has blessed the Muslim in the west with the courage to stick up and stand up for what they believe in despite all the challenges and difficulties may they face. AHL


I am a Muslim. AHL

Zaynab - London, UK

Today I had a random thought: If you have a roof over your head and food on the table then consider yourself very lucky. Forget the materialistic things, we don't need them.. AHL

Hijabi - USA

Today's the last day of what I thought would be the most terrifying class for me throughout my college career. It ended up being my favorite and I met some of the most wonderful people there at the same time. AHL.

That Brother - Queens, NY, USA

These past two weeks I've had a lot of things I needed to pay for and I was broke. My next paycheck wasn't due for another week. To save money I would go home during my school breaks to eat lunch. My plan was to eat, but Allah is the best of planners. During this week I got to spend so much time with my mom that I would miss out on usually for many reasons. Being broke has its blessings, AHL.

Diya - Canada

Today, my neighbours came rushing into our house and told us that their baby girl was not breathing. I started to panic and began to pray to Allah (SWT). My mother, sisters and I quickly went to their house. My mom held the baby in her lap and began to recite the Quran, as did all of us. Alhamdulillah, the baby is fine now. I cannot describe my relief when she opened her eyes! AHL


The joy that fills your heart when you see you're little cousin come running to you to give you a hug :). AHL.

Big Bear - Texas, USA

She chose Islam. AHL!

Khadijah - Canada

Today didn't go exactly as I would have liked. I'm not going to call it a bad day because couples got married today, babies were born today and people embraced Islam today. Today was a beautiful day, just not for me. AHL!

Sister from Scotland - Scotland

Today my heart felt an emaan supernova. I am stuck at home for 6 months due to the surgery and frame on my leg. Blessed with a roof, legs and caring family. My heart prostrated with AHL!

Asmaa - Tunisia

That moment when you see a blind, a deaf, a handicapped or a mute person and you realize that actually you can see, hear, walk and most of all can talk to scream out loud: "ALHAMDULILLAH!!!" AHL.

Peter - New York, USA

Last week, I had off from work for Eid vacation, which was awesome. When this week started though, it was back to work again. I was worried that the week would feel like forever, but it actually flew by, and now I'm done for the week! AHL!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kinza - Dubai, UAE

That amazing feeling you get when you're down in prostration and you realise that you're in direct contact with the Creator himself. AHL

Hope - Urbana, USA

Today I watched a video about a man who had a very rough and troubled life before and now has found peace in Islam, and I realized that how grateful I should be that I'm a Muslim. AHL! AHL! AHL!

Penelope - US

I woke up today, AHL!! <3

Sahar - Saudi Arabia

 These days I have problems in my life and I don't have a job. I feel sad most of the time but I still say Alhamdulillah because I know that Allah is testing me. I thank him  in bad times as I do in good times. I'll be patient and say AHL.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Random Muslim - Planet Earth

I have the best mother in the world...AHL

Khadijah - Canada

Today, I got a 100% on my summative assessment in math class! AHL!

Muslim - USA

Yesterday, I took a very difficult exam. I was actually upset with the exam and so was my friend. However I told my friend that we should say Alhamdulillah in bad times and in good times. So we did! AHL

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Muslimah - Louisiana, USA

Today my husband came back from hajj happy and  healthy. ALH!


Thank God I can come to this website and thank the Lord for all the things I have and to not complain about the tiniest things. AHL.

Sarah - USA

Today, I had an arabic midterm at my school and right before they gave us the test, I tried to review one last time. When they gave us the test, I put my arabic books away and began the test. When I started, the first question was the thing I had just studied. AHL!!


Today it rained. AHL

Muslim - New York

Today I woke up in a comfortable bed under a roof. AHL.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Tota - Essex, UK

So this has to be one of my best AHL moments.
Last October (2010) my parents (non-muslim) had booked holiday for the 3 of us to go to Sharm el sheikh (in Egypt) this summer, which is very well known for its clubs, parties, and all round craziness. In December 2010 I reverted to Islam, which is one of the biggest blessings on its own! So as this August approached us I started go get worried about going to Sharm since its such a bad area for a practising Muslim (I feel anyway), and especially since it was my first Ramadan, I was freaked out! I made dua a lot to Allah that He would do the best thing for me. Six days before we were due to fly out to Egypt we received a call from the Holiday company telling us that our booking had been messed up and we could not go to Sharm el sheikh any more, and we could either get a full refund or rebook to another location!

We spent two lovely weeks in Turkey, which I wouldn't have changed for the world! And to top it all off, Allah made my first attempt at fasting for ramadan so so easy on me! AHL!!!


This week I have a bunch of college exams coming at me full throttle. On top of that, I have to do two lab write-ups and an essay. A few minutes ago, I received an e-mail from my lab TA saying that he'd rather us just turn in one lab by the end of the week and turn in the other one after Thanksgiving break. AHL.

Praise Be To Allah

Today was a difficult day. It could have been worse though. AHL.

Amina - UK

This ramadan that passed, my mum asked me to go buy a pie of pizza before athan started because she was sick. She was handing me the money when I told her it was on me.  When I ordered the pie, a stranger was willing to pay for my pizza because she needed to break down a 100 dollar bill...  I insisted but she demanded that it was just a nice gift and that she needed change. AHL

BlessethDeen - USA

This morning was a tough one. Although only having about 3 hours of sleep, I've been up and about helping others in need, but in return only receiving ill treatment and being ignored. Usually, I never let things like that get to me, but at the moment, all I felt was exhaustion and sadness. I really wanted to call my Mom, but wasn't sure it was the right time. When I checked my phone however, she had left a missed call five minutes ago. AHL.

Fatima - Texas, USA

Today, I meant to fast. But I was a dumdum and didn't eat enough before dawn. I felt like I was going to pass out all afternoon. I made it back to my place and ate some pomegranate that I made yesterday night while I boiled some pasta.  So AHL for: not passing out, pomegranate season, having a working stove and running water, a mother who taught me how to cook and multitask, and opportunity to try to fast again tomorrow iA. AHL!

Amanda Lynn - Phoenix, AZ, USA

Today I took my last dose of Keppra and last month my doctor told me I could have children. I have epilepsy and due to brain scarring from being hit by a drunk driver, my doctors last year told me it was unlikely I would ever have my epilepsy under control even with medication. 10 years ago my doctors said that my endometriosis was so bad that I should have a hysterectomy because I could never have kids anyway. Both times, I came home from the doctor crying. But last year was when I had just reverted to Islam (AHL moment for 24 September 2010 already) and decided to take comfort in the Qur'an and ahadith. When I opened the page, the first hadith I saw:
" Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet SAW said “Use this Black Seed regularly, because it is a cure for every disease, except death.” [Al-Bukhaari and Muslim]"

I started black seed oil every morning and night. Of the 4 medications I was on for epilepsy and still having seizures every few hours, I am now only on one and I have seizures only a couple times a week (still a high number, but FAR better). And my most recent MRI and sonogram with my endometriosis shows that my systems have turned around. The 2 tumours I'd had in my scan 3 months before are GONE and it's believed that I CAN have children! AHL, AHL, a thousand times AHL!

Sara - Malaysia

Today, my sister just gave birth! AHL.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nadhirah Baharin - Malaysia

For years I've been praying after every salah that Allah will show me the right path and admit me to a school with islamic tarbiyyah (teachings). I wanted to change to be a better slave of Allah, one who follows Sis rules and obligations. Alhamdulillah I was admitted to a residential school that practices Islam from the moment we wake until the moment we go to bed. There, I've been introduced to so many kinds of Islamic terms a Muslim should know. The students stay at the mosque after each salah to read Quran, make two rakaah of sunnah salah or even just i'tikaf. There, almost everybody has a tafseer (explanation of the Quran). People crying during dua or while reading the Quran is a normal thing there. I was glad that Allah has given me His taybiyyah through this school, and I pray to God that my friend out there will be given the chance to know and to practice the real Islam. I hope whoever is reading this, you will pray that Allah will give me the strength to stay on the road of dawah, and that my jihad (struggle), calling people to Allah, will earn His blessings and mercy. AHL.


About a year ago, I was talking to a random brother on facebook who added me as a friend. I had no idea that we would end up married. AHL.

Abu Ammar - Cairo, Egypt

A few months back, while trying to register for a university, I forgot my passport and diploma at the university. We panicked but before we left for the university again, I prayed 2 rakahs. Alhamdulillah as soon as we entered the student affairs room, my belongings were still intact. AHL.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Optimist - London, UK

Today I finally got a job! I'm a student and I've been desperately searching for a Christmas job. I was literally applying anywhere and after a while I completely gave up. Yesterday someone called me, but my phone was on silent. I didn't know the number and I called back but no one was picking up. Somehow I knew it was the employer of one of the jobs I applied to. After a while I thought to myself, "Why are you stressing so much? Just give up," and I did. Whilst I was praying Maghrib the phone rang. When I finished praying I called them back and it was my favorite store! All I could think was AHL! The way Allah looks after us is amazing :)

Ahmad - KL, Malaysia

My previous Tahajjud was last Ramadan. Until then I've failed to wake up for it several times, until last night, the blessed Friday night. Allah gave me strength to wake up and praise the glory of Allah in the middle of the beautiful night. AHL!

Munira Dini - Michigan, USA

Today I found this website. I now have a place that I can come to and see how much Allah (swt) blesses us all. AHL

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muslima - USA

Today for some reason I started to worry as to how I would make it back home for Thanksgiving break. My Dad recommended either taking the bus or if that didn't work out, he would drive over to pick me up and take me home (home is approx. 3 hours away). Typically, I wouldn't mind riding the bus, but from past experience, I felt discriminated against and have been insulted by the driver, mainly because I wear the hijab. But being that my father has a bad back, I would rather bear the insults and humiliation than to make my father suffer. I texted a friend of mine whether she knew a different bus station that offered one-way, but unfortunately she said the alternative that I was hoping for only offered round-trip. With a minute, she offered to give me a ride by home. Now I can Insha'Allah go home for Thanksgiving break in peace. AHL


A few years ago, I got rejected by my number one University and was "stuck" going to my back-up school. Turns out my future husband was at that school.... AHL.

Nimrah - Canada

Today, I had to come in early to school because I had questions about the test I was going to have. I missed the bus but another one came a few minutes after and I arrived at school on time. Plus, I did awesome on my test! AHL!

Kai Mutalib - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Today I called my mother to ask the outcome of her appointment with the doctor regarding her cataract condition. She did an operation a few years back but she felt there was something wrong with her eyesight. Turned out her eyes are totally fine AHL!

Seeker - NY, USA

After jummu'ah I went to go buy a shirt I saw the other day and really liked. The price tag indicated that the original price was around 30-40 dollars, but it was on a discounted rack that said 10 dollars, while there was also a sticker on it that said 5 dollars. As incredible as it was that the price was even reduced by that much, I went to ask the cashier to clarify what the price actually was. After scanning it, she said 1 dollar. I paid 1 dollar for something that was originally 30-40! Truly all rizq comes from Allah! AHL

Amie - Rhode Island, USA

A couple of years ago (during my junior or senior year of college), I was standing on the sidewalk across the street from the library waiting to take the student shuttle back to my dorm. Since it was late out, it was fairly dark. A group of students were talking outside of their car near the sidewalk where I was standing. When I saw the shuttle coming, I left the sidewalk but was oblivious to the fact that the group of students had separated and the driver had turned on her car and started to back out. She didn't see me as I tried to cross the street to get to the shuttle and I didn't see her backing out. The car almost hit me. It was so so close but then I felt something, some amazing force in between me and the car. All logic would say that the car should have hit me, but by the grace of Allah (swt) it didn't. AHL.

Hidaia Omer - Chicago, IL, USA

A year ago, I stated volunteering at our local masjid at this thing called "Quran summer camp". I have been praying all my life because it's what I was told to do but I never truly got into the faith or wore hijab or knew much about my religion. Once I started going to the masjid and interacting with the kids and even learning from them, I got closer to my deen. By the end of the summer it came to the point where I wanted to wear the hijab but I was struggling with putting it on because no one around me practiced it and I was just so comfortable with my life. I asked Allah for help and subhan Allah I received a dream where I was walking towards the masjid and hearing athan. I could not deny that it was a sign from Allah. I put the hijab on a week later. After a year strong, I have also accepted the abay! AHL!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Just glanced at my mom- nuff said. AHL


Just glanced at my mom- nuff said. AHL

Salma - NY, USA

So the other day I decided I wanted to purchase a scarf to wear on eid. I headed to the mall and found a scarf I really liked. The price was $16.80 and since I really wanted the scarf I went up to the register to purchase it. So randomly it turned out that the scarf was only $3!!! I FELT GREAT AHL! :D

Gagan - Canada

Today, my beloved wife packed me some lovely rotis and curry for lunch. Even though it was in the fridge overnight, it tasted just as good as the night before. Before leaving to work, I gave her a peck on the cheek! I made her day and she made mine!  Choti choti khushiyan (small small happies). AHL.

Zenab - Canada

Today, my husband Gagan did not wake up in the morning for work. He was getting late and I did not know what to give him for lunch as he only likes home made food. I looked in the refrigerator and found curry and roti I had made last night along with some gulab jamuns (sweets). I packed him home made food and he was so happy! The curry and roti saved our day! AHL!

Seeker - NY, USA

Last year, I was in a rush to get to class on time since the Professor deducts points from our grade for being late. I was rushing as quickly as I could, and constantly asking Allah to allow me to make it on time, over and over again. As I approached the building where my class was held, I saw that I was actually an hour early. Allah (swt) gave me an extra hour to make it to class! AHL

Najma - Pakistan

I am addicted to chocolate, so one day I really wanted to have a chocolate and there was no one to bring it for me. I was dying for it. In the next five minutes my mum came and she brought two packs of chocolate :P AHL.

Rend - UK

Just yesterday on my way to uni something happened that reminded me of how much care God takes of me. I was up early and was rushing from one train platform to the next, when a man approached me asking whether I lost money. After checking my coat pocket, I realised that I absent-mindedly left it open and lost £20!

A worker saw us and said laughingly that if it was him who found it, he would have kept it without thinking twice..I wouldn't have expected anything else.

However that (first) man's honesty really made my day, because I wouldn't have cared much about the £20 but his action restored my faith in the goodness and selflessness of people. AHL!

Fatima - Texas, USA

Today, before class, I was hurriedly walking toward the crosswalk.  The red hand was flashing from a distance, but when I got nearer the white walking dude light appeared.  I totally got to class on time and did not get trampled or run over, AHL.

Steve - MN, USA

Recently, I lost my job and had no money coming in for me or my son, things were getting really tough, but God blessed me and gave me a new job, and now not only am I making more money, I'm in a place where I'm able to practice my faith freely. Before there were no Muslims where I worked. Now I'm meeting a ton and feeling a part of the local community. When things seemed like they couldnt get any worse Allah blessed me. AHL.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Faatimah - England, UK

Two months ago, I wasn't too happy about starting a new school because I thought they wouldn't have any place for me to pray Salaah. Found out there was a 'faith room' just opposite my classrooms (despite there only being 1 other hijabi in school & a few muslim boys) & breaks are exactly at starting times for Zohr & Asr!  AHL.

Khadijah - Canada

Today, I bit into my sandwich. The meat had gone bad. I had left my wallet at home so after borrowing money from a friend, I walked over to a Subway franchise. The cashier greeted me with the most beautiful "Asalamu alaikum" (Peace be upon you). Praise and thanks be to God for my rotten sandwich, eh? AHL!

Muslimah Melika - UK

Two years ago I was studying for my GCSE exams, and part of the language exam involves you writing and memorizing some responses to 5 sets of questions. I'd been so busy and stressed, that on the day of the exam I'd only memorized 2 of the 5 sets. I prayed to Allah SWT to let me pass, and in the exam I was asked the 2 sets of questions I'd learned. I got an A in my exam and I also learned a lesson to always plan ahead. AHL.

Aisyah - Malaysia

No matter how many times I sin, Allah never stops being merciful to me, He never stops blessing me. He always gives me another day to live, to improve and to be a better person. And for that, AHL.

Sibgha - Queens, NY, USA

Last semester, I was out on a school trip. It became time for maghrib when we were out to eat. We were in a super packed restaurant so I couldn't just go somewhere in the corner as I would have usually done.  For some reason I decided to just go outside, if anything I'd pray on the sidewalk somewhere. As soon as I walked outside, I saw this bridge arch thing that I knew was close to a masjid in that neighborhood. I decided to head towards that arch (without really knowing where I was headed) and little did I know I was about a block away from that masjid. I got to pray maghrib in jama'ah! AHL.

Sabr - Woodside, NY, USA

Three years ago someone really dear to me passed away. I was away from family and felt the loss really hard. He was a great person who always made others laugh and smile. He was an amazing individual who even though he is gone, still greatly influences me today. Several years later as I reflect on the day, I realize that his loss was the trial that made me turn to Allah and reclaim my faith. Since that day, I have learned more about the deen and though I feel his loss, I can't help, but say Al Hamdhu Lillah for bringing me back on the path. AHL!

:) - NY, USA

Today, I found out two mashaAllah awesome friends just got engaged on a day that's been completely stressful. Now sitting with a smile pasted on my face. Definitely one of the best Al Hamdhu Lillah moments! AHL!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sara - Malaysia

Last year, I went to Miami for research. On one of the days, I promised my friend to meet her at her hotel, to go for dinner. Without really knowing the streets, I walked to her hotel from the hotel I was staying at. I turned onto a street, and about 10 seconds later, banggg! An accident happened between a 4 wheel and a Honda at the main road where I walked earlier...I was shocked!

After the accident, I realized that I had turned onto the wrong street. I walked back to the main road and turned right at the end of the road, and safely arrived at the hotel where my friend stayed. Even though I was lost for a few seconds, I am still alive now. AHL!

Benat fil-Islam

Last month, my sister and I were hanging out with one of our friends while SUPER broke and SUPER hungry. Our friend wanted to grab a snack and so we headed towards a bakery. While walking there, my sister kept doing the math in her head trying to see what the cheapest thing she could buy would be. I, on the other hand, just decided to not buy anything. However, while walking across the parking lot of the bakery, a random woman approached us and offered us a free gift certificate for that specific bakery. It seemed too good to be true but AHL it wasn't. We were each able to buy refreshments and a dessert (seriously, make dua for her please). AHL.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Seedy Beedy - Edison, NJ, USA

Today, while we cleaned up the yard from last week's winter storm, I had a very funny and memorable moment with my brother. The best part is that I had finally spent time with him again after three months of being away. AHL.

Abed - NYC, USA

I have a pretty bad flip phone. It sports the unique feature of not being able to stay open, thus at work it earned its name, "Floppy." My colleague offered me a smartphone but I declined without thinking. One night on the way home from work he was telling me, "Man you should've taken me up on that phone, now my wife gave it away to someone." I was like, "Eh? Alhamdulillaah" and thought to myself Allaah swt will give me better.

A few minutes after I got home that same night my older brother visited offering to change up my phone network/plan to a competing one, trade-in one of his smart phones so I can get my own, and not to mention the plan comes w/ unlimited data.

Trust in Allaah swt and He takes care of everything! AHL.

Sibgha - Queens, NY, USA

This summer, I got rejected for an internship--I was really, really upset at this rejection. However, Allah (swt) had better plans for me; instead I got to spend my time teaching young Muslim students Arabic, got my baby sister involved, was able to  coach for the SATs and spend some time in the art studio on campus. So in return for one thing, I got four things I rather do! Plus I had much more free time because it was a full-time internship, which would have messed up the plans I had for Ramadan. AHL.

A. Mo - USA

Last month, I was scheduled to attend an annual scientific conference in which I was presenting research results of my study. All of a sudden, I couldn't find funding for my trip! The total cost with flight, hotel, and conference registration was nearly $2,000 and as a student on a budget, that was way too much. AHL I was able to convince the student government to give me $300, and I was content with that; I would just have to suck it up and pay the rest. Subhanallah, I somehow got a 60% discount on my flight, and when I arrived to Las Vegas, I found out that one of my professors would be able to pay for the room afterall from a grant he had received. So, it all worked out in the end and I didn't have to drive myself into debt for the sake of sharing knowledge with the scientific community :) AHL