Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ama - Phoenix, Arizona

Two days ago I had a painful medical procedure and the doctor made a mistake which has caused much pain since. I can't even walk on my own yet and I've cried more than I've not. But sometimes you pray for the wrong thing. I've been praying for pain relief as a sign of mercy when the sign of mercy I've needed all along was in the amazing friends and fiance who've kept me occupied in conversation the whole time so I'd know I wasn't going through this test all alone. AHL for the people placed in my life. AHL for the life events that bring us closer together. And AHL for placing enough love in my heart that I can properly care for these wonderful people. I love all of you. So, SO much. AHL.

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  1. We should not let go of the fact that the Doctor made a mistake which caused you much pain. That Doctor should be talked to questioned.