Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Determined Muslim - Chicago, Illinois, USA

Today I committed a grave sin and was feeling horribly guilty afterwards. Then after spending some time on this website, I decided to go pray dhuhr. I started crying in the middle and praying for Allah to forgive me. It was the closest moment I've ever had with my creator and somehow, I feel like Allah has given me another chance. AHL.

A.B. - Egypt

Two Ramadans ago, I was in the Haram at Mecca and it was the 27th night, which many people think is “Layatul Qadr”.My purse was taken and I got ‘lost from my family. I had no mobile to call anyone. I didn’t have any one’s number memorized, either. I didn’t even know where our hotel was. But I knew that the ‘dua’ of the fasting supplicant is always answered. So I made dua… and after two hours or so, I bumped right into my little brother. Alhamdulillah! (Just so you know, there are 99 doors in the Meccan Haram. And there were literally a least a million worshippers there!) AHL!

Healthy Hijabi - Akron, Ohio, USA

Over the last few months I have committed to a healthy lifestyle inshaAllah. I am now down 17 pounds and feeling healthier and stronger. AHL!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

M. Sakha - Maldives

For quite a while now, I have been struggling with my decision to pursue a degree in the field of dentistry. It was mainly because it wasn't my first choice to begin with and it was something I kind of had to settle with for quite a lot of reasons. I didn't feel content with my decision as I was unsure about whether this was really the best choice for me. Recently, I started to pray Istikhara as I realized who better to answer all my doubts and fears than Allah (swt)? But as time went by, I began to feel disheartened and discouraged as I felt like my prayers weren't being answered. Then last night, I got my little miracle. I wasn't in the best of moods and I felt like skipping Fajr, but I made myself get up to go make wudu and at that time I asked Allah to make my heart feel lighter. I made wudu and as soon as I started my Fajr prayer I felt the answer I had been looking for in my heart. It was such an exhilarating feeling to experience the magnificience and power of Allah that I trembled and wept throughout the prayer. AHL.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Leeana - Singapore

I left the teaching profession because I needed a change. While I was jobless, I prayed for Allah to give me a job that is good for me and my iman. I was worried for my prayers. Since my previous school was close to home, I could easily perform my prayers. A couple of months passed and the first three interviews didn't fall through. I was worried I'd be jobless forever and continued to pray for the best. I got my current job and initially I was worried about having to find a secluded place to pray and I asked Allah to help me. First day of work, I found out that the company provides a small room for Muslims. AHL!

Grateful Muslimah - London, UK

Ameen to those who wished me luck on Dawah Addict's post on Facebook!
I was actually quite shocked at the number of people in the same position as me. Anyways good luck to anyone sitting A Levels, GCSE's, University exams or any other exams! By the way Dawah Addict, your YouTube vids are pretty awesome. Helped me to understand a lot. AHL :)

B - Birmingham

After spending an entire evening in frustrated tears worrying about an essay deadline, in the morning, I missed my bus to university. As I was about to succumb to heavy rain and defeat, my father pulled up in his car to take me. AHL.

Whilst printing my essay, I forgot to submit an online copy but the receptionist made me aware of that and also mentioned I got the format wrong. AHL.

I rushed back to the computer lab. I HAD 5 MINUTES TO GO TO REPRINT AND SUBMIT IN TIME! But I didn't have enough printing credit! Then someone next to me printed it for me and the receptionist let me submit it a couple minutes late. AHL.

Believe in the kindness of Allah's creatures! What should have been an awful day...turned into one that drove me to tears of gratitude.

On the way home the sun shone beautifully. AHL. :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Khadija - Canada

The other day somebody saw me crying. He asked if I was okay and then apologized for not having any tissues to give me. Just goes to show that in the midst of hardship God sends down little mercies to remind you that the world is still beautiful. AHL!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Grateful Muslimah - London

Lately I've been stressed about my lack of revision for my GCSE exams in may. Today I woke up kinda stressed thinking of all the things I had to cram in this weekend before I go back to school on Monday. Worst of all I forgot to pray Fajr but once I prayed Dhuhr I felt relief and happiness knowing that Allah would help me throughout this hard time. AHL !