Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Abu Thalatha - New York, USA

Today I was watching some of my favorite convert's videos on YouTube @dawahaddict and was really touched by some of his videos that I had overlooked before. Please I really advise you to go through his videos here --> <-- and strengthen your Islam or even join the true religion for those interested in being guided. And of course, AHL for these videos that will surely keep you on track. Allahuma Ihdena Al-seraat Al- mustakeem! Wal-AHL for the people we have to constantly keep us going the right way. And no, theres no limit in saying Alhamdulillah!, so AHL.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Amyra - California, USA

Today Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar I memorized 5 surahs from the holy Quran all by myself! For a long time, learning Arabic was a big obstacle for me. Everytime I tried I failed. I never could get the concept. Since I was young I experienced language and learning disabilities which made reading and writing difficult for me, but after the holy month of a Ramadan I decided I needed to build my relationship with the Quran Shareef so I downloaded the audio version of the Quran and Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar with a lot of self motivation and guidance from Allah (swt) I have memorized 5 surahs on my own, all from audio Alhamdulillah Allahu Akbar! This shows me that Allah has blessed me with his beautiful guidance. AHL.

Khadija - Canada

Yesterday, I was having a conversation with a couple of acquaintances and we were discussing things like body image and stress levels. I realized that, because of my hijab, my body image is perfectly fine and that, because of the five daily prayers, my stress levels are pretty low. For the blessing of Islam, AHL!

A Muslim - USA

Last night I was on a charter to my where I live, it was pretty late and I thought it's better not to call anyone for picking me up at the terminal and I can take the last city bus from the terminal that takes me near my house. Well because I was so tired I couldn't recognize the stop at the terminal and so I had to get off at the other stop which of course didn't have any bus routes, I was walking around with a heavy backpack and a travel bag and it was so cold and NO one was around which made it scary cause I have heard of robberies near these places. I was so stressed out and tired that I was going the wrong directions in the streets and couldn't find the main street where I knew there was a bus route. I was getting so so scared and some how I was losing hope thinking that I have missed the last bus. I began repeating some verses and then after some minutes I recognized a building and I understood where I was, I got to the main street and just when I got there the last bus to my house showed up. It was amazing, alhamdulillah I couldn't believe it. Surely God made this happen :) I made it to home safe :) AHL!

C.W. - NY, USA

Recently, I have been trying to fight an addiction I developed years ago. These past few weeks I have been making good progress. Last night, I was close to falling back on my old habits. Right then, a friend who moved a while ago texted me to ask how I've been doing. That reminded me that I have the strength to fight my addiction. Alhamdulillah for friends who check up on you even when you're miles apart. AHL.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sharmin - USA

As I was heading for my morning run, I saw a man with only one leg, sitting on a wheelchair, trying to cross one of the busiest roads on campus. There I was, going for a run, and he couldn't do the same. It made me realize that many people, myself included, take the smallest gifts for granted, whether it be the ability to walk, talk or think. I started to reflect on how I could use my blessings to my advantage to help others. By being able to walk, I'm able to rush in helping the man cross the road. By being able to talk, I can make Dua for those who are less fortunate. By being able to think, I can reflect on how can contribute in making an individual's accessibilities easier. I'm thankful for Allah's blessings and for being reminded to always keep others in my prayers as well. AHL.

Sister - Canada

A while back, as I sat in my chemistry class, I looked at the time. Dhuhr was about to end in half an hour and I didn't know how I could escape class and pray! Shaytan's voice kept whispering in my head, telling me to delay it and pray qadha (make up). However, I knew that I really had no valid reason to be missing salah. Gathering up all my courage, I asked my chemistry teacher if I could take a bathroom break. I found a place in the school where I could pray and finished my prayer on time. I remember standing there, my heart would begin to race every time I heard footsteps but I was adamant on finishing my prayer. It felt so good at the end. AHL.


For most of my life, I was diagnosed with a chronic autoimmune disease that left me with spots on my skin. It would leave me depressed until I realized one day that this was actually a blessing in disguise. Not only will my bad deeds be forgiven because of this affliction, but I have also learned how to be patient, confident in who I am, and trustful of Allah. He will take care of me. AHL.

Lucky Girl - London

For being blessed with the best husband in the world! AHL :)

Izzy - Middlesbrough, UK

Today my 11 month old neice took her first few steps. AHL.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Azizah - Indonesia

13 January 2012. I Ridden by a friend, along the way I always look forward direction, until at an intersection when I saw the bus speeding, whereas we found a green light. I didn't know where the saying came from but suddenly I just ordered my friend to stop and immediately my friend turned the bike until the bike almost fell to the ground and I suddenly jumped into the road and fell down, but oddly enough the two of us were okay not even the slightest injury. this was His help . if it was too late for a second, maybe now I have nothing in this world. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of hosts. who has saved me and The Almighty Giver of Salvation. AHL AHL AHL :-)

Fatima H - Malaysia, currently studying in Warsaw, Poland

Today, I had my last test for winter semester. It's amazing how the tiny boneless microscopic viruses and bacteria can cause major chaos to humankind. How helpless we are without Allah. Thank you Allah for giving me the chance to study the amazing field of medicine. AHL!!

Emily - Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA

Today I made an appointment with my doctor for the only time he had available, but I was worried about it because it conflicted with one of my classes and I'm already struggling in school. Then my professor cancelled class, so I didn't have to miss out on a day's worth of education! AHL

Yusuf Anthony - Thailand

Today my prayer beads broke..
The piece of string that had been holding them together had been wearing thin, I knew it would happen sooner or later. So I was cautious every time I picked them up, in hope that I wouldn't have to see all 99 spill to the floor, but this morning when I least expected, I forgot. I picked them up, I felt the string snap and heard beads hit the floor. I managed to catch the string before all of them fell, but  five had escaped my grasp, I found four right away though the fifth was in sight but out of reach.

As I stared at that fifth bead wishing I could somehow get to it, I thought to myself that We all know that our time is limited, that our string is wearing thin, and that when we least expect it, Allah will surely take us.

This is what comes to mind:

"Take benefit of five before five:

your youth before your old age,
your health before your sickness,
your wealth before your poverty,
your free-time before your preoccupation, and
your life before your death."

-Prophet Muhammad, Peace and Blessings be upon Him.

We should try and take advantage of, and benefit from these five, before any one of them is out of our reach.

Alhamduillahi Rabbil Alameen.
Assalamu Alaikum.

Sibgha - Queens, NY, USA

I'm about to travel and have been being careful with my budget so I have enough when I go abroad. That morning I was especially concerned about the money. That same day I got an unexpected check in the mail and got confirmed for a tutoring job. Since it's the holidays I didn't expect the family I usually tutor for to call me up for a session. The following day my aunt came over and gave me $100 for my trip! Lesson: Allah (swt) will provide in ways you never expect, have tawakkul (trust) in Allah and whether things work or do not (seem to) work out, just say AHL!

Muslim Revert - USA

Today, I took the train to work like I do every day. It was a pretty normal morning, until I got to my stop. As I was about to leave the train, the guy next to me said, "Excuse me, can you come with me sir?" He showed me his police badge and we walked outside. I tried to ask him what this was all about, but he wouldn't tell me. There were a few other cops there waiting, and they were talking to the train conductor. An officer in uniform asked to see my ID and asked me a few questions. Apparently, someone on the train had reported some "suspicious behavior" on my part. I told him I had no idea what it could be. He asked if I could show him what was in my bag, and I kindly showed him. He asked if I had a robe with me. A robe? What? Apparently, somebody told the train conductor that I got up multiple times and changed my clothes, and that I was originally wearing a robe. I was literally sitting the entire time I was on the train. I didn't even take off my jacket, and I told the officer as much. He acknowledged that I didn't have a robe, and seemed to realize that there was nothing to the accusations. He went away to talk to some of the other cops (there where nine or ten of them at this point, much to the interest of everyone on the platform). When he came back, he had a much lighter attitude, and basically apologized for the trouble. He said this was what they had to do whenever there was a report like this, and assured me that I wasn't wanted or anything like that. I told him that I understood, that they were just doing their jobs, and that I was glad they were doing it, and that they should keep doing it. I got my ID back and went off to work. I guess for some people, wearing a kufi is sufficient as suspicious behavior. I'm glad I had it on. AHL. AHL for the tests that Allah puts us through that purify us and make us stronger. AHL for a police force that protects us and follows up on every report of suspicious activity, even if it ends up being totally bogus. Being a little late to work is worth it if it keeps us safe. AHL for being recognized as a Muslim, even if some recognize it as a threat. AHL. AHL. AHL.

Iram - Northeast England, UK

I lost touch with a childhood friend as we grew up and went differnt schools, I met her a few years ago and she was in a bad place, partying drugs etc... I never in a million years would have imagined her reverting but alhamdulillah she has. I'm so happy to have her back in my life as my sister in Islam. Subhanallah it just goes to show Allah (swt) really does guide who He wills! AHL!

Anonymous - Texas, USA

Whenever I think I have no one, I remember that I have Allah. Even in times of having a very low iman, I know Allah is still there, trying to guide me back. I am so very grateful for always feeling Allah's presence. AHL.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Student - Canada

Today I was worrying about how I will get up in the middle of the class to say my Asr prayer, because the break wasn't long enough to go, pray and come back from the mosque, and the professor might get angry if I come back late. But luckily the professor had to give a tutorial in the break (about stuff I already knew), and gave an extra long break, long enough to pray Asr. It's amazing how Allah makes things easier for you. AHL.

Sara - Malaysia

Today, it rained heavily. A branch fell from a tree and hit the roof of my car while I was driving beneath it. Alhamdulillah, it reminds me that ALLAH can do anything HE wants and alhamdulillah that I came back home safe. AHL :)

Kirana - Indonesia

Today, I saw on YouTube the video of Shaykh Muhammad Al Yaqoubi. I love his lecturing, and the video explained about the sister who just revert to Islam and her name given by the Shaykh as well MashaAllah. When she said the Shahadah, I got so touched with it, I could'nt helped it and I cried (even though I am a muslim already AHL). Listening to the promise we made to Allah SWT once again, it knocked my head to always do everything on the right track no matter what, because Allah SWT is watching us. AHL.

Abu Thalatha - New York, USA

Alhamdulillah that I finally got my laptop, and that now I can devote even more time to studying with the help of this tool. AHL.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Senior Student - USA

This week was my first week of my last semester before I graduate college, and alhamdulillah I'm loving all my classes. I'm excited to see what this semester will bring. May Allah bless this semester and this entire year, bring happiness and goodness. AHL.

Jaber Atharat Al-Kiram - Irvine, California, USA

Alhamdulillah that I am here now posting this moment. AHL.

A Grateful Muslimah - USA

I live in a relatively small town, so it's hard to find girls that I can be close friends with, since the Muslim population here is pretty small, and many of them don't have the same interests as me or think the same way I do. Whenever I feel lonely, I know that I have Allah (swt) and an amazingly supportive family. AHL.

Hijabi - Pakistan

Recently my Shaykh's father was diagnosed with lung cancer at stage 4. Allah (swt) sent my Shaykh as an angel to help me develop my spirituality. Now since my Shaykh and his father are going through such difficult times, I feel it is my duty to pray for them and tell others to do so. Health is a great blessing and He does everything in accordance with what is best for us. We may not realize it now, but one day we will. We would not be able to thank Allah (swt) enough even if we were to spend our entire life in a state of prostration. Thank you for everything, Allah! AHL!

Henna - India

Alhamdulillah for Namaaz (Prayer)! AHL!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hafsah - Singapore

Just got off the phone call and I was granted 100% subsidy for my Polytechnic, when I actually asked for only 75%. Alhamdulilah syukur! AHL!

Lady in Red - London, UK

AHL for being able to say AHL! AHL :)

Addibah - Malaysia

The awesome moment when my right hand is holding my dad's, my left hand is holding my mum's and all of my siblings walking infront of us with a smile on their face. AHL.

Sri Munawar - Cairo, Egypt

I have always wanted to study Islamic Knowledge in Egypt since I was a kid. Now I'm in my fourth year studying in Al-Azhar in Cairo. I'm still thankful to Allah azza wa jal because I'm living one of my dreams .. Alhamdulillah. Pray I'll graduate with 'ilm nafi' ameen. AHL.

A'qilah - Singapore

Today like any other day, has been horribly humid and warm where I live and tonight, Allah has granted us with some rain. AHL, AHL, AHL!

Student - Canada

Today, my exams are over. AHL :)

Muslimah4 - Minnesota, USA

I got a B in my Biology class!!! AHL x 100!!!

Nur Adibah Iskandar - Malaysia, currently studying in Dublin, Ireland

Coming from a tropical climate, I have always looked forward to experiencing my first winter. And today, Alhamdulillah, at around 8.30am, I SAW SNOW FALLING OUTSIDE MY WINDOW!!! Beautiful sight indeed, Subhanallah! Even though it lasted only 5 minutes, it was enough to make my day! Had difficulty concentrating on my revision afterwards. AHL.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ama - USA

Today, I have a pre-surgery appointment and decided to wash a fresh abaya for it. The power cut. Then, just when I thought I'd be going to the doctor's in a wet abaya the power came back. My clothes are in the dryer and will not only be done when it's time to go, but they'll be nice and warm before I have to step into the cold. AHL

Sadya Tabassum - Kharian, Pakistan

My head hit the soft pillow on my warm bed at night. As I drew up the cozy blanket on myself, I thought about my parents in the next room, sleeping happily and content and my blessed siblings , all in their perfect health. I couldn't think of anything better to say other than AHL!

ThankfulMuslimah - Illinois, USA

I always wanted to go to this one college to study history in downtown Chicago. They also have an MSA where I wanted to get involved! Apparently my dad recently said he wont send me to a college in downtown and that really broke my spirit. That's what I've been working hard for in high school and now I found out I wont get it! Please make dua for me (as I'm making one for myself everyday) that my dad changes his mind and will let me go there. But no matter what happens, I know he's doing it for my own good and Allah is the BEST OF PLANNERS! No matter what, I'll always be thankful! :D AHL!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Penelope - USA

When I have nothing at all, no money, very little food, and feel super stressed, Allah gives me what I have asked. Maybe not in the way I wish, but Alhamdulillah, sometimes Allah's mercy comes in different forms. AHL.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Peter - New York

A few days ago, I was driving on the parkway. It was late at night and pretty empty, so I was going at a decent speed. Out of nowhere, the guy in front of me decides to make a dead stop, right in the left lane. Alhamdulillah I was quick enough on the brake. I came just within a foot or two of crashing right into him. If I had been a little slower, or if my brakes hadn't been working as well, I might have been done with the dunya, but Allah decided to keep me around. AHL.