Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sharmin - USA

As I was heading for my morning run, I saw a man with only one leg, sitting on a wheelchair, trying to cross one of the busiest roads on campus. There I was, going for a run, and he couldn't do the same. It made me realize that many people, myself included, take the smallest gifts for granted, whether it be the ability to walk, talk or think. I started to reflect on how I could use my blessings to my advantage to help others. By being able to walk, I'm able to rush in helping the man cross the road. By being able to talk, I can make Dua for those who are less fortunate. By being able to think, I can reflect on how can contribute in making an individual's accessibilities easier. I'm thankful for Allah's blessings and for being reminded to always keep others in my prayers as well. AHL.

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