Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sister - Canada

A while back, as I sat in my chemistry class, I looked at the time. Dhuhr was about to end in half an hour and I didn't know how I could escape class and pray! Shaytan's voice kept whispering in my head, telling me to delay it and pray qadha (make up). However, I knew that I really had no valid reason to be missing salah. Gathering up all my courage, I asked my chemistry teacher if I could take a bathroom break. I found a place in the school where I could pray and finished my prayer on time. I remember standing there, my heart would begin to race every time I heard footsteps but I was adamant on finishing my prayer. It felt so good at the end. AHL.


  1. masha'Allah. may Allah make us all like that

  2. the same thing happened with me..i had actually forgot about the prayer during the break..i felt real bad during the class..i gathered courage and told my teacher the matter..though a nonmuslim,she gave me permission to offer my prayer in the staff room...alhamdulillah
    hope all my teachers,friends and relatives get the hidayah...

  3. This happened to me one time subhanAllah the teacher let us out early that day.