Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Muslim - USA

Last night I was on a charter to my where I live, it was pretty late and I thought it's better not to call anyone for picking me up at the terminal and I can take the last city bus from the terminal that takes me near my house. Well because I was so tired I couldn't recognize the stop at the terminal and so I had to get off at the other stop which of course didn't have any bus routes, I was walking around with a heavy backpack and a travel bag and it was so cold and NO one was around which made it scary cause I have heard of robberies near these places. I was so stressed out and tired that I was going the wrong directions in the streets and couldn't find the main street where I knew there was a bus route. I was getting so so scared and some how I was losing hope thinking that I have missed the last bus. I began repeating some verses and then after some minutes I recognized a building and I understood where I was, I got to the main street and just when I got there the last bus to my house showed up. It was amazing, alhamdulillah I couldn't believe it. Surely God made this happen :) I made it to home safe :) AHL!

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