Friday, January 20, 2012

Muslim Revert - USA

Today, I took the train to work like I do every day. It was a pretty normal morning, until I got to my stop. As I was about to leave the train, the guy next to me said, "Excuse me, can you come with me sir?" He showed me his police badge and we walked outside. I tried to ask him what this was all about, but he wouldn't tell me. There were a few other cops there waiting, and they were talking to the train conductor. An officer in uniform asked to see my ID and asked me a few questions. Apparently, someone on the train had reported some "suspicious behavior" on my part. I told him I had no idea what it could be. He asked if I could show him what was in my bag, and I kindly showed him. He asked if I had a robe with me. A robe? What? Apparently, somebody told the train conductor that I got up multiple times and changed my clothes, and that I was originally wearing a robe. I was literally sitting the entire time I was on the train. I didn't even take off my jacket, and I told the officer as much. He acknowledged that I didn't have a robe, and seemed to realize that there was nothing to the accusations. He went away to talk to some of the other cops (there where nine or ten of them at this point, much to the interest of everyone on the platform). When he came back, he had a much lighter attitude, and basically apologized for the trouble. He said this was what they had to do whenever there was a report like this, and assured me that I wasn't wanted or anything like that. I told him that I understood, that they were just doing their jobs, and that I was glad they were doing it, and that they should keep doing it. I got my ID back and went off to work. I guess for some people, wearing a kufi is sufficient as suspicious behavior. I'm glad I had it on. AHL. AHL for the tests that Allah puts us through that purify us and make us stronger. AHL for a police force that protects us and follows up on every report of suspicious activity, even if it ends up being totally bogus. Being a little late to work is worth it if it keeps us safe. AHL for being recognized as a Muslim, even if some recognize it as a threat. AHL. AHL. AHL.


  1. AHL for being recognized as a Muslim
    < love it :)!

    الحمد لله كما ينبغي لجلال وجهه و عظيم سلطانه

  2. Amazing story ! , subhanAllah and AHL :)

  3. really like this post, and AHL for me being able to read this, awaiting more AHL's like this =)