Friday, January 6, 2012

Peter - New York

A few days ago, I was driving on the parkway. It was late at night and pretty empty, so I was going at a decent speed. Out of nowhere, the guy in front of me decides to make a dead stop, right in the left lane. Alhamdulillah I was quick enough on the brake. I came just within a foot or two of crashing right into him. If I had been a little slower, or if my brakes hadn't been working as well, I might have been done with the dunya, but Allah decided to keep me around. AHL.

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  1. Asslmu alaikum Peter. There is a dua that one can say when one commences travel on any means of transportation. "Bismilah mijreeha wa mursaha. Subhan alathi sakhar lana hatha wa ma kunna lahu muqreneen wa inna illa rabbuna la minqaliboon" Not sure of the English spelling. I am sure you know this dua but just in case.