Monday, April 23, 2012

B - Birmingham

After spending an entire evening in frustrated tears worrying about an essay deadline, in the morning, I missed my bus to university. As I was about to succumb to heavy rain and defeat, my father pulled up in his car to take me. AHL.

Whilst printing my essay, I forgot to submit an online copy but the receptionist made me aware of that and also mentioned I got the format wrong. AHL.

I rushed back to the computer lab. I HAD 5 MINUTES TO GO TO REPRINT AND SUBMIT IN TIME! But I didn't have enough printing credit! Then someone next to me printed it for me and the receptionist let me submit it a couple minutes late. AHL.

Believe in the kindness of Allah's creatures! What should have been an awful day...turned into one that drove me to tears of gratitude.

On the way home the sun shone beautifully. AHL. :)

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