Thursday, December 1, 2011

Yasmeen - UK

So I'm 18 from the UK and I really wanted to get into this university which is like top 10 in the country. I even took a year out to try and get the grades needed for it, but even though my predicted grades were higher than the ones they needed I was STILL rejected due to a high volume of applicants.

I was SHOCKED & distraught.

I did however get into my second option. Not so 'prestigious' but a decent school non the less.

Well I soon discovered from friends that the university that rejected me was not very supportive of students and muslims there were a minority and some found the members of the school not very tolerant of muslims.

Meanwhile, at the school I've started it couldn't be more welcoming and supportive. I've even found a group of muslimahs who I can go and pray with in our prayer room. They're doing SO MUCH for us. They even had a meeting about getting halal food. AHL AHL AHL. Allah truly is the best of planners, He will truly give you something better to replace that which He took away. AHL :)

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