Saturday, November 5, 2011

Abed - NYC, USA

I have a pretty bad flip phone. It sports the unique feature of not being able to stay open, thus at work it earned its name, "Floppy." My colleague offered me a smartphone but I declined without thinking. One night on the way home from work he was telling me, "Man you should've taken me up on that phone, now my wife gave it away to someone." I was like, "Eh? Alhamdulillaah" and thought to myself Allaah swt will give me better.

A few minutes after I got home that same night my older brother visited offering to change up my phone network/plan to a competing one, trade-in one of his smart phones so I can get my own, and not to mention the plan comes w/ unlimited data.

Trust in Allaah swt and He takes care of everything! AHL.

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