Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ismail - Casablanca, Morocco

During last summer, I was seriously planning to change my university. I was planning to go to Malaysia to begin undergrade studies in Quran and Sunna Studies after having spent one year in Morocco as undergrade student in Engineering.

I prepared almost everything; payed the prelimilary fees, filled the required form, got my high school transcripts ... ect

Unfortunatly, my parents were reticent to the idea of me travelling so far for so long (at least four years). It was also for them too risky to radically change my way of life overnight. I was compelled somehow to forget about this project.

Two weeks ago, I read on my university website that the current administration signed a partnership with the Malaysian University I was planning to go to. I can now carry on my studies here in Morocco and do a one semester exchange program to Malaysia. AHL.

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