Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hedaya Mahdy - San Carlos, California, USA/Cairo, Egypt

Today I want to share here about a hard time I had in the city last week. No one helped me with a simple direction to get me to the train station to go home. Why? Because I was dressed in my hijab and abaya, and in the end I say alhamdulillah, because Allah made me see how much beauty is in Islam. I never gave up my hope that someone would help me. Allah sent me a 14 year old angel to help me. AHL.

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  1. Subhan Allaah sis I had a similar situation happen to me but I was driving and my navigation was too confusing but I kept driving and making dua and Alhamdulilah I got to my destination :) the key is to be patient and never give u hope in Allaah taala and to always remember him in times of ease and in times of difficulty and he will remember us as well. Alhamdulilah :)