Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mumtaz - Malaysia

Last year, I met someone and he later on became my boyfriend. At that time, I did wear hijab and I did pray but I ignored the fact that having a boyfriend is haram because I did not understand Islam deeply. This year, Allah opened both my heart and his heart to learn and accept Islam as it is and we got worried about how sinful it is to be close to someone who is not halal to you. We decided to get married but at the same time I knew my parents will not let me because we are only 21, we are still studying and I am the youngest of six siblings and the only person who is married is my eldest brother. Moreover, my mum always nags about why people want to get married early. She thinks that you need to have a car, a house and lots of money first before getting married. However, we both make endless Duas after every single prayer, Istiqarahs and tried to prove to our parents that we are responsible enough. Two days back while waiting for our car to be ready at a car wash, I was joking with my mum saying I want my wedding to be like this, this, this and she said "Ok, when are you getting married and what colour is the theme?". Later on, she told my dad and he just said ok! MashaAllah! It was that easy! I am getting married in 9months! Believe me, if you are sincere for the sake of Allah, He will help you. AHL

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