Thursday, November 10, 2011

Muslima - USA

Today for some reason I started to worry as to how I would make it back home for Thanksgiving break. My Dad recommended either taking the bus or if that didn't work out, he would drive over to pick me up and take me home (home is approx. 3 hours away). Typically, I wouldn't mind riding the bus, but from past experience, I felt discriminated against and have been insulted by the driver, mainly because I wear the hijab. But being that my father has a bad back, I would rather bear the insults and humiliation than to make my father suffer. I texted a friend of mine whether she knew a different bus station that offered one-way, but unfortunately she said the alternative that I was hoping for only offered round-trip. With a minute, she offered to give me a ride by home. Now I can Insha'Allah go home for Thanksgiving break in peace. AHL

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