Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hidaia Omer - Chicago, IL, USA

A year ago, I stated volunteering at our local masjid at this thing called "Quran summer camp". I have been praying all my life because it's what I was told to do but I never truly got into the faith or wore hijab or knew much about my religion. Once I started going to the masjid and interacting with the kids and even learning from them, I got closer to my deen. By the end of the summer it came to the point where I wanted to wear the hijab but I was struggling with putting it on because no one around me practiced it and I was just so comfortable with my life. I asked Allah for help and subhan Allah I received a dream where I was walking towards the masjid and hearing athan. I could not deny that it was a sign from Allah. I put the hijab on a week later. After a year strong, I have also accepted the abay! AHL!

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