Thursday, March 1, 2012

Henna - India

Alhamdulillah for miracles! Yesterday, we were supposed to be at a certain city for an important appointment (if we missed it, then our application would be rejected with no choice of rescheduling). This city is 2 hours drive from where we live, and to top that they are 1 hour ahead of us. The appointment was early in the morning at 9 AM. So in order for us to be there at the appointed time, we had to leave our place at 5:30 AM. But as usual we ended up leaving half an hour late from our place. As we neared the city, I realized that we would be able to make it to the appointed place only by 9:10 AM with traffic. I prayed, leaving everything in His hands. Nearing the city, we took the wrong exit (thanks to all the constructions zones on the highway at this time of the year). I gasped, we were already late, and now we took the wrong turn! OMG! It is going to be even more late! But alhamdulillah, that very wrong turn took us to the appointed place 3 minutes earlier than the appointed time with no traffic to slow us down at all! Subhanallah! If this isn't a miracle then what is? AHL!

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